You and Me

By Manohar Kumar#

The spaces are shrinking for you and me,
some hopes castrated, and
imaginations denied around the decaying
carcasses of a deceased humanity, lying around
the frozen blood of the stale bread- that could
not feed the hungry

Lest you and me be forgotten, in this void
of evaporating narratives, let’s enter the fortress
of memories, of the last dream, and cry for the
last time tears, which will descend down
as the last remembrance in the garden of
lost innocence

For you and for me, and for the you in me
you the one who refuses to depart, from
my verses and from within me, for memories cling on,
when love forgets to forgive, let’s
take this last step my dear, for the sorrows of
love knows less the sorrows of world.
Let’s take this last journey, me and you,
among the dark disorders, in the ‘bitter fruits’ of life
among those trembling souls lying
wretched in memories, of forgotten childhoods,
being walled out of the secret conscious of hope,
and through the endless unseen stink of the mind

For the words which itched to be etched on
are borrowed from them, the memories of
the love we ever lived was owed to them, and
the verse which flowed out having touched your
lips, caressed your eyes and tickled your ears,
was a song of their quest for meaning,
amidst a daily struggle for existence.

# About the poet


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