Maintaining Healthy Relations

By Chinglanngamba*

It is natural verity that where there is light there is darkness too. Light is always surrounded with darkness. In the relative world absolute light exists nowhere.

Human relations are precious and the lofty ones are those that are ideal for a civilized society. But at the same time every relation can be fragile and needs to be guarded. It is to be handled with care not to be one deserted of a delicate relation. In the event of discord and conflict the best panacea for all strife is to maintain timely communication in the medium of love and cooperation.

It happened to me very recently, in the second week of August 2012, that a little gap of communication shattered the fabric of our cherished relationship we established long ago. I happily, in spite of numerous personal constraints, undertook the work of translating a Manipuri brochure into English, entrusted to me by the committee of a literary organization. I, working at a school 20 km away from my home, attending my old and chronic diabetic mother, tried to spare some hours every day for the task. On a Sunday morning the secretary asked me to come with the translated papers to the press where printing of other component documents was in progress. But as my job was not yet ready for submission I failed to turn up. It was Monday evening while I was in earnest on my computer on the fifth page of the brochure the shock wave suddenly knocked me out. The secretary bluntly informed me to stop my endeavor as the papers had already been sent to the higher authority. I was stranded in the middle of nowhere and all my fervent efforts were made futile. Two days later I talked to one of his intimate associates about the very incident that abruptly ended the venture.

Liberty has to have its own limitations. One can be free only within the permitted domain. The beast in man is subdued by the chain of obligations of fellow-feeling towards the members of our society. What Jean-Jacques Rousseau said in “[m]an is born free and every where he is in chains”[1] needs some alteration to be reinforced as “man is never born free and every where he is in chains.” The chain is not of prison but of love and co existence that binds humanity forever.

Time is the best healer. Time again brought me the soothing moment. A week passed heavily. Then surprisingly the secretary phoned me one evening requesting not to be perturbed because of his statement. Since then everything became neutralized and normalized. I wish no scar survives and the bond of friendship continues uninterrupted as usual.


Received on 18 August 2012

Notes: 1

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