Adityamurti Saraswati

Adityamurti Saraswati

Adityamurti Saraswati is a poet, writer, calligraphist, and an art aficionado. He expresses his ideas, poetry, stories, and the state of being in Hindi, Urdu, and English languages. He relies on the conjugal loyalty of the brief spark, and frames that run through his mind which inspire him to pick up his pen and start writing. Most of his works are the result of an impromptu idea which gradually takes shape as a work in progress.

Adityamurti is a firm believer in free expression of thoughts that are carefully drafted and bounded through human sensitivities. He is neither guided nor inspired by established notions and beliefs. He does not belong to any genre and considers himself to be a true contemporary Indian, who would not hesitate to write about anything as long as his body, mind and spirit are into it.

Adityamurti dreams of an all white, large study with separate writing space, blog station, and an art & calligraphy studio. He is currently working on his English novel “Sunshine from a Windowpane”. He is in a thoughtful yet ecstatic state most of the time, and laments the absence of an Indian Bob Dylan sometimes.

He good, warm-hearted gentleman, Adityamurti can be reached at and he loves conversations with his readers.