And then it Rained

By Tushar Madhav#

The sweat was sweltering. And the sun was hot.
Passing through the cloud I saw his face – eyes behind shades
Sprinting like a squirrel or was he on skates?

We moved closer, and closer.
Crystal sand brimming up the bottom of the hour-glass
And my head buzzed with a harrowing weight.
Our feet hung from the sky, suspended in time.
Pull me closer I said. But was it too late?

‘You may be dreaming’. It may all be too sweet to be true.
I am malign. And you are pure.
I am thrown up and you are to adore.

The hour glass gave up. Someone had to turn it upside down.
‘Why do you poke me? Why don’t you want me?’
My feet trembled, and so did his.
And the sky began to quake.
Snap broke the thread of sand
A lost hour’s remake.

We’re falling. We’re falling upside down.
‘Why do you open your eyes?’
My beauty is all too forgotten
King without a crown.
The sun isn’t bright anymore. And pale is the sky.
Breeze isn’t too heavy. Don’t we both like to fly?

If sand was too fluid and time too brittle
We could still come closer
little by little.
I can still see you. You are still here.
I can still hold you.
For Love’s a courier.

‘Why do you smile? Why do you know it still makes me lie?’
For it is sweet as hell, I’d like to take your pain.
I’d like to take your sorrows, give them away to me again.
Quick … quick… Please don’t be shy.
The ground is inching closer
For if I touch it, I may be all too dry.


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