in between

By Rajesh Mishra #

why do you hide behind the canvas
fade like a quick breath
drip unnoticed from the corner of an eye
like a tear that seeks the air?

say your story between lines
and moan in people’s verse
the yearning discontent of your life
plastered with their uneasy rhyme
hobbling on their ragged terse

why do you remain the lyric
that slips and slides the nets of words
the tremor that every violin aspires to
the meaning not quite made?

seek you in my incompleteness
you leave behind the slough
that tears with a finger’s touch
and yet when I reach the pit

from where the voices arise
and your shadow falls at my feet
I retrace my steps
to the land of words.

hide fade drip
say moan remain
the slough of meaning
that tears the shadows of voices
and the pit of words
with a finger’s

# About the poet


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