It’s you at last, Adolf!

By Sreemanti Sengupta#

It’s you at last, Adolf!
You were braiding my hair,
and let the hair limp;
Red ribbons, so vaguely important
yet, you dismissed lives for them.

There you are, Adolf!
You’ve brought the rains,
without the deserts,
deaths without the faces,
waters without the tears,
reds without the ribbons

I’m glad you’re back anyway.

# About the poet:

Sreemanti Sengupta is an advertising copywriter by profession based in Kolkata, India. She has been writing in her vernacular (Bengali), and English ever since she can remember. Her poetry and prose pieces have been published previously in print anthologies and extensively in the online medium in both the languages. She celebrates ‘the word’ as a tool for profound change in all planes of existence. She keeps an erratic personal blog at, runs her own e-magazine based on post modern creativity at, and earns an inconsistent living by writing ads like here


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