Context of Handlooming Heart

Ayushi Rawat wrote about her Handlooming Heart:

I wrote this poem on coming back from a short trip to Orissa this year (2013). I guess, it was 15 days of seeing brown backed men with sinewy arms and hands and lean chests; their brown hands erecting tubes of dark green veins like the crests and folds of mountains, working away at their hand looms tirelessly at night, in the light of a little lantern, as their fingers move forward and backwards on the loom, in their homes. I see, the bones on their backs, moving when their arms move back and forth, like someone setting a river flowing under their skin. And it is 15 days of soaking in the colours that they weaved on those looms, thread by thread, as fibre consumed fibre, and colour conceived colour.

My Orissa hangover gets put on paper.

And maybe that’s why I am emitting poetry that you hand-weaved on my heart.


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