In Search of Sunshine

by Dr. Rajeshwari  Pradeepkumar Singh 

I have been always under the shade,
the shade of two tall trees,
with sweet fragrant flowers,
blossoms and bunches of fruits loomed all over,
birds came, rested there, nestled and flew away,
I never bothered to enjoy the fruits.

I did not want to grow tall, just wanted to be there,
the trees overlapping me, and cajoling,
transforming ambiance—an experience so elevating;
the gentle breeze all around enveloping,
always so soothing.

The trees protected, nurtured and pampered me,
the trees bent over, caressed and hugged me,
against the winds of change and the new air blowing all around.

they left the scene by and by leaving me without protection,
alone against the uncouth world and the tsunami of emotions,
hurricanes knocked me down,
down, down, down.
Uprooted, without ground and my homeland,
I am me now.

About the poet:
A lecturer in English at the National University of Samoa, Dr. Rajeshwari Pradeepkumar Singh is also a researcher, creative writer and blogger. She received her doctoral degree from the Sardar Patel University (India). Her doctoral thesis (Indian writing in English) has been widely appreciated. Her areas of professional interests include gender studies, Indian writings in English, postcolonial literature, curriculum development, etc.

She has a book published–Lyrics of Sri Aurobindo: A Study (Sardar Patel University, India, 2007).


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