P. Biprachand

P. Biprachand (pen name of P. Birchandra, b. 1960) is an Asst Professor in English at Manipur College, Imphal. A poet and critic of very fine sensibility, he was Secretary of Sahitya Seva Samiti, Kakching, Editor of Sahityagi Pao (a respected Manipuri literary  monthly published by Writers’ Forum, Imphal), and is currently the Asst Secretary of Critics’ Forum, Manipur, member of Manipuri Sahitya Parisha, Naharol Sahitya Premi Samiti and Manipur Film Journalist and Critics’ Association. He contributes to the Poknaphampoetry and articles on art, literature, culture and social commentaries using another pen name, B.C. Khuman. His published books include Taibangsi Fajei (The World is Beautiful, children’s poetry, 2000),Ichel Machagi Iraokhol (The Murmur of Small Streams, shot stories, 2002) and Keidoungei Okkani Eibu Taramna (poetry, 2010).


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