Invisible yet Perceptible

By Aju Mukhopadhyay

Age is pushing them below with feet
as they try to rise from the subconscious deep
the relationship; physical vital mental
heterosexual or asexual or obscure camaraderie
passionate quagmire from the oblivious memory.
On one hand something invisible
yet protective and perceptible
is trying to pull you out of the rusty rustic past
purging you out of the iron base
from moment to moment
for life is meant for correction at each step;
on the other hand something shining
is trying to emerge out of the mud,
the past holding the key is pulling
the legs towards the sludge;
a claim of birth to hold life in its sphere till death.
All the strife and struggle are ephemeral
against a flight eternal;
a reward for one who believes and relies on grace
of the invisible yet perceptible existence.
There may be changes in the world contemporary
resulting in a situation topsy-turvy
but to hold on to that something;
a spark in the being
is the game of all games
a play between the light and the darkness.

About the poet:
Aju MukhopadhyayAju Mukhopadhyay, Pondicherry, India, is an award winning bilingual poet, author of fiction and non-fiction works, editor and critic, with 30 titles to his credit. Many of his works have been anthologized, and translated into several languages. There have been eight books which include discussions on his poetry.

Aju is a member of many national literary and environmental institutions, and has been on the editorial boards of some literary journals. A member of the Research Board of Advisors of the American Biographical Institute, he has travelled across Asia, Europe, America and Africa.

Some of his works include Sri Aurobindo’s Ideal of Freedom and Human Unity (Essays), Sri Aurobindo: The Yogi of Divine Life (philosophy and biography), The World of Sri Aurobindo’s Creative Literature (literary), The Mother of all Beings (biography), The Witness Tree (poetry), In Celebration of Nature (poetry), The Paper Boat (poetry), Insect’s Nest and Other Poems (poetry), The Moments of Life (short stories), In Train (novel).


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