By Ritika Kaushik


Do a running stitch on the wound
Where the old photograph was oozing out
Make sure you adjust the volume
Coming from that pendant in the jewellery box

Hide familiar words on high tension wires
With spaghetti, tomato sauce and cheese
While you cut the tears out of your hair
Fix the fireflies on your black chemise

Eat the gaps between your fingers
Remember to water the flowers kept in books
Submerge your eyes in the stop bath daily
Fix the rewinding with a Plaster of Paris mouth

Dip the tip of your pen in freshly made brine
And strap your stomach to the brain
When you walk, throw bread crumbs for a trail
You never know when you want to be sought out

Make a papier-mâché mask
By beating pieces of poems to a pulp
Adjust its tones to suit your changing premise
From colour, to sepia, to black and white

Then take a compass and trace your phobias
When you reach a hand littered with little stick-on eyes
Enter the television and enact your favourite scene
But, always stay away from static, in the early hours of morning

About the poet:


Ritika Kaushik, a UGC NET JRF awardee, is currently pursuing an M.Phil/PhD program at the School of Arts and AestheticsJawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) with focus on Indian documentaries. Starting with graduation in English Literature from Delhi University, Ritika received a formal training in Film and Video production, Still Photography Media Appreciation and Communication Theory by completing a Master of Arts in Mass Communication, at Anwar Jamal Kidwai Mass Communication and Research Centre (AJKMCRC), Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI). Her student film Once upon a Sultan was screened at the JIFF’12 (Jaipur International Film Festival). After that, she had a tryst with the commercial film industry, working as an Assistant Director for the film Vicky Donor in 2011, a Rising Sun Films production, and was also involved with the education industry from 2011–2012, working with idiscoveri education in the capacity of Educational Content concept reviewer/content writer and as an Assistant Director for making R&D films for school students involving innovative teaching and content. She has also worked as a freelance writer for from 2008-2009, and has also freelanced as a media practitioner.