Mental Masturbation

By Zoi Aliozi


As street’s voice
gets heavier
and strange,
in the small hours…

My brain is trying
to convince my heart,
but they don’t
speak to each other
the same language.

This naked body,
is all the art
in the world,
that I need
to look at!
All is art,
and art is all!
How can I
risk as much,
as I seem to
be unable
to repair
if failed?
If failed, as if
there’s an option…

Dead love
in the boat,
to reach
her final
as Nature rules,
to change,
from desperation,
to something
Sadness her
last captain,

but needs
a motivating
to start the boat.

Love has
nothing left
to give!
She can’t
pass to Ades.
She can’t
hope for a change.
She is doomed
to live
in pain
and the company
of sadness.

About the poet:

ALIOZI ZoiDr. Zoi Aliozi was born in Serres, Greece, on 21 March 1980, and moved to England where she studied LLB. She is a human rights expert and activist, with an international career, engaging with global justice’s issues. Her publications deal with human rights, philosophy and international law; with social and political topics, climate change, feminism, as well as aesthetics, critique of cinematography, poetry and art. She is also a painter and graffiti artist, while has published comic strips and sketches in various periodicals.

Her poetry comes from the struggle to reconcile reason with emotion, in a direct communicative style, by using the traditional language construction built on alphabet. She engages with a laconic style of sarcastic linguistic games; between the implied ideal truth—fired by the ego’s urge for emotional connection to the other and the world—and the ideal universal deception of eternal unconditional mutual sentiment. Her writing is founded on a subconscious process of expressing the indescribable, through an internal dialogue fuelled by the perpetual war of reason and emotion; lost in translation


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