Call for Submissions (January-April 2014 Issue)

Articles are invited from prospective contributors for the upcoming issue, Vol. 3, No. 1 (January–April 2014), of the Cottage Reader. The articles can be poems, short stories, essays, interviews, reviews, commentaries and creative non-fictions.

The LAST DATE of submission for the issue is 15 February 2014.

We will present at least 5 poems of every poet featured in an issue. Therefore, at least eight poems should be submitted for consideration to be published. The poems should be submitted as one single file (in MS Word format) attached to the cover letter, and every two poems should be separated by a Page Break.

Cottage Reader leaves the theme open, but they should be critical or theoretical and should deal with issues in the areas of art, culture, literature and philosophy. We prefer an interdisciplinary treatment of topics.

There is no maximum word limit imposed on our contributors. We prefer long articles written with precision and concision.

Reviews should be of recent books in the areas of art, culture, literature and philosophy. Commentaries can be either on such books, or individual pieces of poems or essays which appeared recently in any books or magazines or most preferably in Cottage Reader itself.

They should be of authors or practitioners (established or rising) in the areas of art, culture, literature and philosophy.

All submissions should be made to with appropriate subject lines:

1. Poetry: Submission: Poetry
2. Essay: Submission: Essay
3. Review: Submission: Review
4. Commentary: Submission: Commentary
5. Interview: Submission: Interview
6. Creative Non-fiction: Submission: Creative Non-fiction

Please visit our SUBMISSION page for more details.

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