Issue 1/2012

Issue 1/2012 (August 2012–November 2012)

Editorial Introduction

Giving it a Chance of Life — Thoithoi O’Cottage


Rajesh Mishra

in between
as wisps of cotton…
and then the rain
nightmare on name street

Yengkhom Bihari

I am the Strong with your Strength
I Bid for Life at an Auction

Jamie Dedes

Le fèe verte

Sreemanti Sengupta

Unpacking a Poem
It’s you at last, Adolf!

Manohar Kumar

You and Me
In Search of Love
The Last Harvest

Tushar Madhav

And then it Rained

Short Story

The City of Ultimate Bliss — Jamie Dedes

Creative Non-Fiction

Ranting From the Edges of Sanity — Adityamurti Saraswati


Maintaining Healthy Relations — Chinglanngamba
Myths in Manipuri Literature — Dr. Th. Ratankumar Singh
Child Soldier — Yengkhom Deepu Singh


My Rainbow — Manohar Kumar

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