Current Issue

Vol. 2, No. 3 (September-December 2013)


Aju Mukhopadhyay

The Fallen House
Image of a Rustic Girl
Invisible yet Perceptible

Laura Eklund

I Cannot Imagine you
The Man in the Rain
Mornings in Sanibel
The Sea at Dusk
Waking up Early
The Water Came out of the Fountain

Mouli Banerjee

All that isn’t
Because Most Moths Don’t Fly in the Sun
The Birth
How to Tell a Lie
In my Blood

Ritika Kaushik

It’s there in the Doodles
That Peculiar Thing (1)
That Peculiar Thing (2)
to fill up

Zoi Aliozi

Mental Masturbation

Poetry in Translation

Telugu Poems translated by Naren Bedide

Greetings– Kathi Padma Rao
Son! Yesoba!– K.G.Satyamurthy’s (‘Sivasagar’)
Awwal Kalima– Yakoob
Caste Certificate– Madduri Nageshbabu
For a fistful of self-respect– Kalekuri Prasad
I– K.G.Satyamurthy’s (‘Sivasagar’)
I am the Yanadi– G.V.Ratnakar

Hindi Poems of Mangalesh Dabral

This number does not exist – tr. Sudeep Sen
The places that are left– tr. Akhil Katyal
The Missing– tr. Asad Zaidi
Torchlight– tr. Asad Zaidi
Return– tr. Robert Hueckstedt
City– tr. Giridhar Rathi

Short Story

Th. Ibochaoba: Poisoned Arrow*

Tushar Madhav: A Thousand Romances Fulfilled

Nanak Singh: The Winning Entry
Translated by Sandeep Kaur

Anindita MondalThe Wait


Justine Johnston Hemmestad: Reasons that Aristotle may have poisoned Alexander the Great
Mark Axelrod: D.H. Lawrence and Ranamin: Visions of a New American Utopia
Rituparna Patgiri: Rape: A Reading beyond the Body

Creative Nonfiction

Rabi Prakash: Gods, Rustics and Numbers


Sally Deskin: Review: Marilyn Coffey (1991, 2012) Mas-tur-ba-tion

*this section will be updated in the next few days.